Silk Road Cultural Relics of Gansu Provincial Museum Displayed at Ningbo Museum


Bronze Running Horse (replica), Han Dynasty (202-220 BC)

unearthed from Leitai tomb in Wuwei, Gansu


The Silk Road corridor – Silk Road Cultural Relics of Gansu Provincial Museum opened at Ningbo Museum on September 29. The exhibition is co-organized by the Gansu Provincial Museum and Ningbo Museum.

More than 160 pieces/sets of Silk Road cultural relics from the Gansu Provincial Museum are displayed, including bronze, jade, pottery, as well as gold, silver, silk and wood wares, 12 pieces of which are first-grade national relics.

The exhibition includes four parts, which are the prelude, development, prosperity and continuation of the Silk Road respectively. Following the timeline, it outlines a panoramic picture of the history and civilization in Gansu, telling the touching story of exploration, cooperation, inclusiveness and communication of the Silk Road in Gansu.

It also pays great attention to the immovable cultural relics in Gansu, especially the world cultural heritage and major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level. These immovable cultural relics, together with the movable cultural relics, make a comprehensive display of the Silk Road culture in Gansu, create an intact story through the exhibition, and in turn give the audience a multilayered and multidimensional experience on the progression of cultural and material development as the Silk Road evolved along the Hexi Corridor.

Source: Gansu Provincial Museum (Abridged)