Exhibition on Silk Road Opens at Sichuan Museum

December 29 marks the 35th anniversary for the friendly ties between Sichuan Province, China and Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, when the exhibition The Lasting Charm of Cultural Relics – Cultural Exchanges along the Silk Road opened in Sichuan Museum. The exhibition is co-organized by Sichuan Museum and Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum.

A total of 294 pieces/sets of exquisite cultural relics are exhibited. In addition to Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum, Chinese museums along the Silk Road including Shaanxi History Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum, Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xi'an Museum, Turpan Museum and Sichuan Museum also join the exhibition and presented selected exhibits. With a more complete, stereoscopic and outstanding presentation of the Silk Road's glorious history, the exhibition displays the customs, people, trade, as well as exchanges and integration of Eastern and Western cultures on the Silk Road.

The exhibition will last until March 30,2021.

Source: Sichuan Museum