Exhibition on Chinese Ancient Maritime Relics Opens at China Maritime Museum


Gilded Silver Lotus-shaped Incense Burner from Song Dynasty (Collected by Nanjing Museum)

On December 28, 2020, the exhibition the Sea is Right There – Exhibition of Chinese Ancient Maritime Relics opened at the China Maritime Museum.

More than 160 exquisite maritime relics from 25 museums in 10 provinces/cities of Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai and Fujian are displayed. The exhibition is divided into six parts: "Connecting Ocean", "Exotic Treasures", "Maritime History", "Trade Story", "Ship of Faith" and "Customs and Mutual Learning between the East and the West". Various perspectives like science and technology, material, history, trade, belief and culture are taken to showcase the ancient Chinese maritime voyage, so that the audience can enjoy the long-standing and profound Chinese maritime civilization.

The exhibition will last until April 28, 2021, during which a number of lectures and educational activities will be held.

Source: Chinese Maritime Museum

Picture from: Xinhua News Agency