Forum on Ancient Chinese Bronze Research Held at the National Museum of China


On September 26-27, Forum on Ancient Chinese Bronze Research was held at the National Museum of China (NMC). It was aimed to provide a platform for scholars at home and abroad to display new outcomes and share new ideas regarding bronze research, in order to further promote the research into a deeper and broader level.

Ding Pengbo, Deputy Director of the National Museum of China, attended the forum and delivered an opening speech. At the opening ceremony, Ms. Ding and Professor Zhu Fenghan from the Department of History at Peking University jointly unveiled the new publication Studies of the Collections of the National Museum of China • Bronze • Western Zhou Dynasty. The book, with more than 300 thousand characters, is the latest outcome of bronze research at the NMC. It covers 164 pieces /groups of bronze wares dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty, and was completed after seven years of hard work.

Scholars specialized in bronze research from well-known domestic research institutions, museums and universities including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum, Peking University and Wuhan University were invited to attend discussions. In addition, experts from overseas museums including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Minneapolis Institute of Art participated online, discussing the casting techniques and artistic achievements of ancient bronzes.

The forum promoted an active discussion on key issues in bronze research, demonstrated the new discoveries and achievements in the field in recent years and strengthened academic exchanges between experts from the NMC and scholars at home and abroad. It also laid the foundation for the research on ancient Chinese bronzes at the NMC and provided solid academic support for relevant exhibitions at the NMC.

Source: National Museum of China (Abridged)