First Joint Exhibition of Dunhuang, Yungang and Longmen Grottoes Opens in Luoyang

中国三大石窟首次联展:文脉承千年 大河一线牵

October 25, 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Longmen Grottoes being listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the same day, the exhibition Glory of the Silk Road – Joint Exhibition of Dunhuang, Yungang and Longmen Grottoes grandly opened at the Luoyang Museum.

The exhibition combines "bringing in" and "going out" by innovating approaches for cultural exchange and exhibition display, so that these grottoes can transcend time and space after being continuously carved and built through the dynasties of Northern Wei, Eastern and Western Wei, Northern Qi, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Xixia and Yuan. In the exhibition, politics, economy, religion, culture, folk customs, paintings and calligraphy from the ancient past are revealed, while the philosophy, humanistic spirit, values, ethics and moral standards are passed on.

"Digitalization makes the joint exhibition possible," said Professor Li Zhirong from Cultural Heritage Research Institute of Zhejiang University. Thanks to modern technology, the flying Asparas of Dunhuang fly off the wall to Luoyang, the Guyang Cave in Longmen flies off the cliff to the museum, and the grand Buddha statue from Cave 20 of Yungang Grottoes is brought before the eyes through VR technology. The joint exhibition collects the greatest achievements of Chinese grotto culture, witnesses the synergy between the Eastern and Western civilizations on the Silk Road and manifests the inclusiveness and inheritance of the Yellow River culture in a modern way.

Source: Henan Provincial Government (Abridged)

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