Culture Exhibition of the Grand Canal Opens at National Museum of China


Traffic on the Lu River

On November 1, Paddling For a Thousand Miles: A Cultural Exhibition of the Grand Canal opened at the National Museum of China. The exhibition is jointly organized by the National Museum of China, the Capital Museum, Tianjin Museum and Hebei Museum. It is the first time for the National Museum to fully and systematically display the Grand Canal and its profound culture.

The Grand Canal, built on the basis of the Hangou Canal which was completed in the Spring and Autumn Period, consists of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Sui and Tang Grand Canal and the Zhedong Canal. With a history of more than 2,500 years since its excavation, it is the world's earliest excavated, longest flowing and largest ancient canal.

A total of 170 objects (sets) are exhibited across the exhibition, supplemented by multiple digital images and interactive projects, systematically displaying the excavation history, navigation functions, water transportation management, engineering technology and intangible cultural heritage of the Grand Canal.

The exhibition is expected to last four months.

Source: China Daily

Photo from the National Museum of China