ICOM Holds Webinar to Discuss Post-Pandemic Employment Stimulation

On November 18, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) hosted the fourth and final webinar of its Capacity Building Series with the theme "Recover and Recreate: Stimulating employment in the museum sector". The webinar approached the challenge of rebuilding and strengthening the museum sector following the pandemic not only in terms of recovery – but also in terms of innovation and change. Four main sub-themes were discussed, including "policy responses to stimulate employment in the museum sector and creative industries", "the impact on young museum professionals", "emerging professions and new skills for the post Covid-19 era" and "new business models for museums".

The cultural sector has been one of the most affected by the global pandemic. To comply with containment measures, museums across the world have closed their doors temporarily, leading to an unprecedented loss of income and instability in the sector. At the same time, the lockdown has accelerated rapid change and groundbreaking innovation, as museums research and transition into new business models, and prepare for a post Covid-19 era in which the barriers of the digital and physical worlds become more permeable.

Source: ICOM (abridged)