International Symposium on Protection, Development and Utilization of the Silk Road Traditional Culture Held in Xi'an

On December 11, International Symposium on Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application of Protection, Development and Utilization of the Silk Road Traditional Culture was held in Xi'an. The conference focused on the inheritance of civilizations along the Silk Road, the protection, development and utilization of traditional cultures and cultural heritage, and the resource integration of universities, research institutes, museums and the whole society.

Participants, including experts from University College London, Chosun University, Institute of Archeology named after A.Kh. Margulan, Kazakhstan, Northwest University, Xi'an Technological University, Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage and other institutions at home and abroad, discussed and exchanged ideas on issues associated with the protection of the Silk Road cultural heritage. More than 280 online or offline participants from over 80 universities, scientific research institutions, agencies and enterprises joined the event.

The Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Alliance was also established on the conference, aiming at building an integrating platform for collaboration between enterprises, universities, research institutes, and end-users. It is hoped that, through the platform, research, protection and management on major issues of cultural heritage could be conducted, collaborative research, personnel training and technology application could be coordinated.

From: Xinhua Net (abridged)

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