Exquisite Porcelains on Maritime Silk Road Displayed in Guangzhou

 The brownish-green ceramic plate with written Arabic, blue glaze and brown spots, which was made in Changsha Kiln in the Tang Dynasty and discovered in the "Blackstone" wreckage (File photo/China News)

The exhibition Across Waves and Waters–Guangzhou-centered Ceramic Trade in 9th Century opened at the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace on January 26. It showcases over 200 pieces/sets of cultural relics, including 68 pieces/sets of underwater relics from the "Blackstone" wreckage, 47 pieces/sets from Tongguanyao and 86 pieces/sets unearthed or collected in Guangzhou.

The exhibition consists of four parts and is centered on ceramic trade, introduces maritime trade centered around Guangzhou in the 9th century, especially Chinese porcelain discovered in the world-stunning "Blackstone" wreckage, and recreates the historical scene in Guangzhou where Chinese porcelains flourished and were exported to the world.

The exhibition is organized by the Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace, Changsha Tongguanyao Museum, the Guangzhou Municipal Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology (the Southern Han Mausoleums Museum), and Guangzhou Hao Pu Art Museum.

Source: China News