Kazakhstan National Museum to Hold Carpet Restoration Exhibition

On March 19, 2021, Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is going to hold an exhibition on carpet restoration. Focused on the collection of the State Museum, this exhibition showcases the rich and diverse traditional carpet weaving culture of Kazakhstan, as well as the complex process of the work of master restorers, aiming at restoring the museum values ​that are part of the national cultural heritage of the country.

The exhibition will display traditional Kazakh carpets from the southern, northern and western regions of Kazakhstan, which has not been exhibited before and has a high artistic and historical significance, and visitors will have the opportunity to compare not only the characteristics, styles and weaving skills of carpets from different regions of Kazakhstan, but also to see the great diversity of this element as obligatory decoration of the Kazakh yurts. At the same time, the exhibition will also disclose secrets of cultural relic restoration, which allows the visitors to see the complex multi-stage restoration process, understand the restorers' tremendous efforts, and appreciate the significance of restoration work.

Source: Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan(abridged)