New Chapter on the Silk Road: The First IAMS Conference Held in Fuzhou, China


On November 24, the First Conference of International Alliance of Museums (IAMS) of the Silk Road was held in Fujian, China. More than 30 museums (institutions) from 21 countries joined the event.

President of IAMS Executive Council, Director of the National Museum of China pointed out that museums undertook unique roles in culture exchanges. The inception of IAMS echoed a community with a shared future, where people stick together in times of difficulty, share rights and shoulder obligations. Closer cooperation among IAMS members and more exhibitions of objects would help mutual learning and mutual benefits of countries and regions along the Silk Road while respect diversity in cultures, diversity in growth paths and disparity in development.

During the Conference, 17 organizations from 12 countries signed the Framework Agreement on IAMS Exhibition Cooperation and agreed to participate in series exhibitions themed on “Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Cultures” held by the National Museum of China (NMC). This series of exhibitions plan to open biannually, of which the first edition would debut in Beijing early next year. NMC intends to join hands with 18 national museums along the Silk Road in showcasing interactions and dialogue in trade, belief spreading, science, technology, lifestyle, culture and arts.

Four new vice president members were approved on this occasion: the National Museum of Myanmar, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan and the National Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

To enhance information and resources sharing, the NMC built the official website of IAMS (