Chilean National Museum of Natural History to Reopen


Chilean National Museum of Natural History celebrated its 190th anniversary and is preparing to reopen. With a history of 190 years, it was founded by the French museologist Claudio Gayon on September 14, 1830. The museum will hold a virtual exhibition to memorize important historical figures and narrate the story of iconic collections and treasures. After San Diego entering the fourth stage of pandemic prevention and control, the Chilean National Museum of Natural History will become the first museum  to reopen. Carlos Maillet, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile, and María Isabel Orellana Rivera, Director of the Museum attended the anniversary ceremony.

"The ceremony is very important when the world is threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic," Director Orellana said. "Even if the door cannot be opened as it used to be, everyone is welcomed to join and accompany us in digital way. We cherish the opportunities to be with our visitors and hope to meet them again soon." The museum's iconic collections and documents will be digitalized and uploaded to its website Sketchfab. The chief scientist and archaeologist of the museum Christian Becker will present on live to reveal the stories behind the collections.

In addition, the reopening even conceals a surprise. Visitors who complete their appointment and visit following instructions on the museum's social network will have opportunities to visit various permanent exhibitions, as well as a rectangular Mosasaur egg fossil, which was discovered as a phenomenon by paleontologists of the museum a few months ago.

In the pandemic, the museum never stands still. On the contrary, the museum continued to maintain contact with visitors in the months of closure, while curators, staff and managers held more than 30 seminars and conferences, all of which were broadcasted on YouTube.

Source: Chilean National Museum of Natural History