Ancient Peru Civilization Exhibition Opens at Hunan Museum

On September 26, Ancient Peru Civilization Exhibition: Explore the origins of the Inca Empire opened at Hunan Museum. Eleven well-known Peruvian museums participated with 157 exhibits, most of which are important cultural relics from major archaeological discoveries over the years. The exhibits include pottery, metal, textiles, mummies, etc, making the exhibition a large-scale one in China in recent years that systematically displays the ancient civilization of Peru.

The exhibition includes four parts: "Civilization Appears", "Shining Stars", "Warlords' Fighting" and "United as One". The exhibition retells stories of 14 civilizations, from the first unification of the Andes Mountains and the development of diversified regional cultures to the establishment of a cross-regional political system, from Incas' conquest of the entire Andes and construction of a powerful state to the heydays of the empire and its final destruction by the Spanish colonists. Visitors are invited to appreciate the magnificent and extraordinary civilization and history of Ancient Peru.

Various smart museum practices are applied, including a visitor interactive setup "time portal", online service platform, ticket lottery, jigsaw puzzle game, virtual hall guide and online quiz. Through "communication, experience, memorization and participation," the museum hopes to improve visitor experience.

The exhibition will last until January 5, 2021.

Source: Hunan Museum (abridged)